Paula C. Dirkes earned her Bachelors degree in secondary education from Michigan State University and her Masters degree in Human Performance Improvement from the University of Michigan. She has worked in non-profits and for-profits and has taken on a variety of volunteer mentoring roles throughout her adult life. Since 2001 Paula has served continuously in community-based mentoring, faith-based mentoring and school-based mentoring.

In 2007, Paula formed her social enterprise company - Solid Pathways Consulting, LLC - to further the missions of youth organizations by empowering more adults to show up for kids as dependable role models. She is an author, speaker and youth advocate focused on making youth mentoring a social norm versus the exception. Paula offers tools and resources that make it easier for adults to fit mentoring into their busy lives. In 2008 she published two ebooks: MENTORrific Women: Taking a Girl Under Your Wing and MENTORrific Success Stories: Inspiring Stories for Youth Mentors & Mentees. Her paperback book - Mentor Me! The Complete Guide for Women Who want to Mentor Girls - was published in January 2012 and was an Amazon.com bestseller.

In 2017, she was the recipient of the Governor's Service Awards - Michigan Mentor of the Year. Mentor of the Year Award: honors an individual who provides youth (25 and under) with the confidence and assets to be successful.

At present she is mentoring a 14 year old girl, serving on the Royal Oak Youth Assistance Board of Directors and coordinates a quarterly Mentor to Mentor support group. She lives in Berkley, Michigan.



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